Two Chin students play for football champion’s team of Sagaing division


Two chin students have played for the champion’s team of Sagaing division in the high school football sports for the academic year 2012-2013 in Burma.

The football championship was organised by the Education Ministry in Naypitaw. 14 teams participated from all states and division. The Sagaing division team won the first prize.

“Me and Mama have played together in Sagaing division team. In the final we played against the Karen state team and we won by 3-2 goals,” said Salai Lalropekhlu, Chin player. The championship game was kicked off on 31 December 2012.

The champions received medals and Kyat 9 lakhs that was divided among team players, who got Kyat 45,000 each. In addition the authorities of Sagaing region and Kaley district awarded Kyat 40,000 each to the players.

However, a relative of the two Chin players said, “Although we are very happy for the champions, sports cannot give us a livelihood in Burma. That’s why I would like to encourage students to study as they will not get special classes for their absence during the three months of training.”

The two players are Salai Lalropekhlu (Pete) son of Pu Laukamlo of Letpanchaung village, Kaley Township, and Salai Mama son of Helen, a teacher. Both are studying at Letpanc


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